Minimally invasive surgery techniques, such as robotic retroperitoneal lymph node dissection.


Haller was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July. Sometimes, the lymph nodes at the back of the.


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Chemo is systemic therapy. Standard treatment options for testicular cancer include surveillance, surgery, and chemotherapy. (When cancer comes back after treatment, it is.

Actively monitoring the condition is often the best choice.

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Radiation therapy uses high-powered. Apr 6, 2023 · Testicular cancer.

In this stage, the cancer has not spread outside the testicle, and tumor.


Testicular cancer is uncommon. Stage 1.

According to the NCI, doctors may treat stage 0 testicular cancer with: watchful waiting; radiation. .

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These are the cells that make sperm.
Completing treatment can be both stressful and exciting.



With treatment, more than 9 out of 10 people with testicular. Testicular cancer self-exam. .

. . Nov 11, 2022 · Cancer stages. This procedure is called a radical inguinal orchiectomy. A feeling of heaviness or aching in the scrotum or abdomen.

Jun 20, 2021 · Testicular cancer: Swelling, lump or pain are usually symptoms of testicular cancer.

May 19, 2023 · Does testicular cancer treatment affect sexual function? If you’re going through or finished testicular cancer treatment, it’s normal to notice some changes to your sexual health. .

For treatment planning, germ cell tumors are broadly divided into seminomas and nonseminomas because they have different prognostic and treatment algorithms.

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The goal of testicular cancer treatment is to permanently cure the cancer or to bring about a complete remission of the disease.